Did you know about the upcoming switch from traditional analogue to VoIP phone systems?

If you haven’t already heard, in 2020 BT will start its 5-year programme to switch off traditional analogue and ISDN phone networks. Your school will need to be prepared by changing to a new school phone system, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

BT has committed to swapping all their business customers from traditional phone lines to digital as demand for faster and more reliable connectivity has grown, aiming to move from analogue to digital products by 2025. From 2020, you will no longer be able to order or purchase a traditional phone system from BT.

Octagon Education’s VoIP phone system allows you to make phone calls using your school’s broadband, rather than using a traditional phone line. With our tailored VoIP packages you’ll receive a great range of features, call clarity and flexible plans!

Octagon Education’s Hosted VoIP phone systems for schools

Octagon Education VoIP school phone systems cost less than many others on the market. Developed over 10 years and with a unique installation and set-up plan, your school’s new enterprise-grade VoIP phone system will cost less to buy and maintain – we could save you up to 40% on your phone bills!

  • Cost per system, not per handset so you can connect as many users as you need for one monthly cost

  • No hidden costs, or costs per feature

  • Fully-configured, reliable system that’s ready to plug in

Why choose Octagon Education for your school’s change to Hosted VoIP?

Octagon Education’s VoIP experts work with many schools in the North West to set up, install and support leading VoIP phone systems. Our experienced team will fully-manage your migration to VoIP and we’ll manage your set up to make sure you can make calls straight away.

Our helpful support team will be on hand whenever you need us to guide you through using your new VoIP phone system or any troubleshooting issues. Octagon Education’s experienced team will help you plan and deliver a VoIP phone system that will bring cost savings and enterprise grade features to your school.

Want to find out more?

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