Is it Time to Update Your School Entry System?

One of the top priorities for every school should be ensuring your entry system is safe, up-to-date, and runs efficiently for vetting and approving visitors day to day. As the vital link between staff and parents and the outside world, your school's front desk and first point-of-entry needs to be constantly maintained.

So how do you know if your entry system is up to scratch? Below, we've covered the key things every digital entry system should have - and what you need to do if yours is in need of an upgrade!


Automated point of entry

Automated point of entry helps to streamline front desk operations and keep a comprehensive record of visitors passing in and out of the school online, up to date, and available for access at all times.

The latest entry systems include self sign-in capabilities, photo ID printing and DBS database integration - replacing manual signing in with a far more efficient and safe method of processing visitors to the school.


To maximise efficiency, your digital entry system should be an all-in-one process synced with all front desk priorities. It should be capable of the following things:

-Self sign-in and guest registration

-Automatic pass and photo ID printing

-Registering who is on and off the premises

-DBS checks

-Connecting with the CCTV system

-Keycard system entry

An all-in-one digital entry system raises the bar on the safety and security of your school and, most importantly, your pupils. A system that can register guests and monitor who is on the premises at all time is essential to keeping tabs on who is able to access the school and when.

If your entry system requires many manual checks and does not sync together with other security options in the building (keycards, CCTV etc), you may need to look into upgrading your system.

SIMS compatibility

Is your digital entry system compatible with SIMS? The advantage of this is that it will automatically update staff attendance and presence on the premises upon sign in or sign out. It will also be able to link to the DBS database so you instantly know if visitors are clear to work with children upon sign in.

This compatibility is more efficient than a manual, paper-based file, and provides instant access to data when needed. What's more, SIMS compatibility is an essential tool in the case of emergency evacuations, providing instant up-to-date reports of who is on the premises should that information be required.

Need to upgrade?

If your school's digital entry system doesn't meet the above standards, consider upgrading to the Genee Registration System. This high-end system includes all the above features and many more, providing a fully integrated end-to-end entry system that does everything in one - no manual registering, no paper trail - just instant access to the information you need when operating the school front desk.

To learn more about the Genee Registration System and upgrading your digital entry system, contact our team at Octagon Education today and we'll be more than happy to help.

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