Connect and Protect Your School

Internet Services

Great internet connectivity has always been important for schools. With online testing, cloud based software, telephony and many other services. Quality internet solutions are a must for todays schools.

Octagon's team has been delivering and managing internet services for almost 20 years, and we can provide what you need from an ADSL line to more advanced fibre leased line's, wireless leased line or 4G connectivity. 

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Internet Content Filtering

Protecting our children, other users and systems in todays connected world is of the highest importance. The threats and levels of innapropriate content around is at an all time high. So it's never been more important for schools to have a robust and reliable internet filtering solution in place.

Our team are skilled in understanding what the best filtering solution is for each different school. We work with the leading firewall and filtering vendors including Smoothwall, Sophos, Securus, Impero and more to bring you tailored solutions fit for your specific school, academy or trust requirements.

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