Complete Remote Network Monitoring Application

Efficient network monitoring tools are an essential part of any effective IT maintenance program and a key tool in delivering the best IT support.

Managed Workplace is an advanced RMM tool from Avast which allows your ICT manager, coordinator or even our team to provide your IT support proactively, to monitor and maintain every device on your network with an IP address. It provides 24/7 monitoring and healthchecks on your devices and alerts the network manager or support of any potential issues to allow proactive maintenance to be conducted.

The software is competitively priced on a cost per monitored device per month basis, and our team can fully support the deployment of the service across your networks. We also have a support plan available which can be tailored around your specific needs which means we can support some or all of your IT network, to fill in for any missing skill sets you may have internally, allowing you to keep your hardware operating more of the time.

For more information about Managed Workplace and what it can do for your school just give our team a call on 0800 802 1992.


Protect your users from unwanted web content

Active Web Content Filtering is an essential part of Safeguard and Prevent rules and is something all schools need to implement if they dont have it, or improve upon if the solution used is not robust enough.

Avast web content filtering allows you to configure advanced rules around what your users can access on the web, and it can be tailored to set different rules for teachers, students and school leaders  devices accordingly.

It is simple to implement and cost effective, with an easy cost per device subscription. It also works together with Avasts Managed Workplace and Anti-Virus applications to give you an integrated security and monitoring system.

Our expert team can advise your school on the best solution for your individual requirements, and we can implement and support it for you thereafter as required.

For more information about Avast content filtering or any of the Avast services, simply give our team a call on 0800 802 1992.


Virus and Malware Protection for your Endpoints and Servers

As one of the worlds largest Anti-Virus companies Avast knows a thing or two about producing products designed to keep your PC's, laptops and servers protected from web based virus and malware attacks.

Avast anti-virus is cost effective and easy to deploy, and with a simple monthly subscription from as little as 80p per device it's easy to see why its a winner with many schools.

Our team have over 5 years experience in providing and supporting Avast anti-virus products, so we can not only advise you, but deploy and support it for you too.

For more information and individual pricing for your school, just give our team a call today on 0800 802 1992.